Our edge

World-Class One-Stop Services
Hong Kong footwear supply chain boasts top-notch R&D teams and quality control experts, to ensure international standards in their products, from development to design, modeling to final assembly. Cutting-edge and smart technology such as flyknit uppers, 3D printing, nanotechnology and the use of innovative materials as well as modern and standardized production lines provide reliable quality assurance for upmarket brands that feature in-house original designs, and globally-known brands.
Global Vision
The Hong Kong footwear industry is vastly experienced and possesses a global vision along all parts of the manufacturing and supply chain. Every year, manufacturers attend exhibitions and trade conferences around the world to exchange views with foreign delegations on each other's footwear manufacturing developments and business environments. International footwear design competitions allow designers from different places to exchange and learn from one another, in turn enhancing the quality of footwear designs.
Creativity in Action
We work closely with research institutes and material suppliers to create durable, comfortable and trendy high-end footwear using the latest technologies.
Unrivalled Infrastructure & Government Support
Hong Kong prides itself on its world-class infrastructure, ease of access, advanced communication networks, and an outstanding business environment. With an emphasis on nurturing talents, the footwear trade is able to incorporate new blood and fresh ideas. Support from the government and trade associations also allows the Hong Kong footwear industry to move with the times.
Road to Sustainability
Responding swiftly to market and customer needs, Hong Kong footwear enterprises has echoed global calls to go green by adopting low-carbon manufacturing as well as renewable and green materials, adding value to the shoes. The use of automation also helps enhance product yield.

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